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The Pros and Cons of Furnished Rentals in Las Vegas

Updated: Feb 21

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Las Vegas, with its iconic skyline and dynamic lifestyle, is a hub for tourists, professionals, and residents alike. With such a diverse mix of potential tenants, the decision of whether to offer a property as furnished or unfurnished often becomes a pertinent question for property owners. Here, we delve deep into the advantages and disadvantages of offering furnished rentals in this bustling city.

1. The Pros of Furnished Rentals in Las Vegas

a. Higher Rental Income

  • Premium Pricing: Furnished rentals can often command higher monthly rents due to the added value they offer.

  • Short-Term Leases: Especially in a city like Las Vegas, tourists and business travelers may be willing to pay a premium for short-term, fully furnished accommodations.

b. Attract a Broader Tenant Base

  • Diverse Demographics: From international tourists to relocating professionals, many prefer the convenience of a ready-to-live-in space.

  • Flexibility: Furnished rentals can cater to students, professionals on short-term contracts, or those moving for temporary projects.

c. Faster Rentals

  • Move-In Ready Appeal: The immediate availability and appeal of a furnished rental can often mean reduced vacancies.

  • Visual Attraction: Potential tenants can envision their life in the space, leading to quicker decisions.

d. Potential for Short-Term Rentals

  • Tourist Magnet: Given Las Vegas's popularity, there's a thriving market for short-term rentals, especially on platforms like Airbnb.

  • Seasonal Opportunities: Big events, conventions, and festivals can yield high rental income on furnished properties.

e. Tax Deductions

  • Business Expenses: The cost of furniture and other amenities can sometimes be written off as business expenses, offering tax advantages.

2. The Cons of Furnished Rentals in Las Vegas

a. Higher Initial Investment

  • Setup Costs: Fully furnishing a property can be expensive, requiring a significant upfront investment.

  • Maintenance & Upgrades: Furniture and appliances will inevitably wear out and may need replacements or repairs.

b. Potential for Damage

  • Wear and Tear: Furnished properties may experience more wear and tear, leading to more frequent maintenance checks.

  • Security Deposits: While you can charge a higher security deposit to cover potential damages, this could deter some potential tenants.

c. Liability and Insurance

  • Increased Risk: The added elements in a furnished property can increase the chances of accidents or damages.

  • Higher Premiums: Insurance for furnished rentals can be pricier due to the higher risk associated.

d. Limited Tenant Customization

  • Personal Touch: Some long-term tenants may prefer to bring or choose their furniture, making furnished rentals less appealing.

  • Storage Issues: If tenants have their own furniture, storage can become an issue.

e. Potential for Higher Vacancy

  • Specific Market: While there's demand for furnished rentals, it might be cyclical or seasonal. Periods of low tourist activity could lead to higher vacancies.

3. Delving Deeper: Additional Aspects to Consider

a. Depreciation of Furniture & Amenities

Over time, the furniture and appliances in a furnished rental will experience depreciation. While this is a natural part of any asset's lifecycle:

  • Value Drop: The initial cost of furnishing can quickly drop, especially with the daily wear and tear.

  • Balancing Act: Regularly updating or replacing items can be a recurring expense. However, keeping the property modern and appealing is essential to continue commanding higher rents.

b. Market Saturation

The appeal of Las Vegas, especially as a tourist hotspot, means many investors have already tapped into the furnished rental market.

  • Competition: The market can be crowded, and standing out becomes essential. Unique furnishings or themed properties might give an edge.

  • Marketing Needs: With numerous properties vying for attention, effective marketing strategies become crucial. High-quality photos, virtual tours, and leveraging local events can be beneficial.

c. Tenant Turnover Rate

Furnished rentals, especially those aimed at short-term tenants, can have a higher turnover rate.

  • Recurring Screenings: With frequent tenant changes, property owners might find themselves constantly in the screening process.

  • Maintenance Overload: Each tenant change might require minor repairs, cleaning, or touch-ups, leading to added costs and efforts.

d. Changing Trends & Styles

The world of interior design is ever-evolving, and keeping up can be demanding.

  • Style Evolution: What's trendy today might be out of style in a few years. Regular updates might be needed to keep the property appealing.

  • Feedback Loop: Keeping an ear to the ground, understanding tenant preferences, and being open to feedback can ensure the property remains in demand.

e. Contractual Complexities

The lease agreement for furnished properties can be more intricate than for unfurnished ones.

  • Detailed Inventory: A comprehensive list of all furnishings, their condition, and value is a must.

  • Clauses & Terms: Clearly defined terms about wear and tear, maintenance responsibilities, and replacements can prevent potential disputes.

4. The Importance of Research

Before diving into the world of furnished rentals:

  • Local Market Analysis: Understanding local demand, competitor offerings, and pricing trends can offer a clearer picture.

  • Tenant Feedback: If you already own properties, seeking feedback from current or past tenants can provide valuable insights.


The decision to offer a furnished rental in Las Vegas, while promising, requires careful consideration of various factors. It's not just about the initial setup but the long-term implications, costs, and efforts involved. By understanding the deeper nuances, property owners can make informed decisions that align with their investment goals.

Considering the world of furnished rentals in Las Vegas? Let us be your guiding hand. With a pulse on market trends, tenant preferences, and logistical challenges, our team at Innova Realty & Management is poised to help you navigate the complexities. Elevate your property game with expert insights and tailored strategies. Connect with us today, and together, let's unlock the potential of Las Vegas's dynamic rental landscape.



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